Abu Dhabi considering tightening building codes

Decision to tighten codes comes in the wake of high-rise fires

Abu Dhabi is considering introducing tighter building codes to prevent tragedies like the Tamweel Tower fire (pictured).

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In consideration of the recent spate of fires in the UAE, Abu Dhabi is considering a new international standard building code, to take fire safety concerns into account.

The new code will bring conformity schemes for the types of materials used in doors and cladding for new buildings.

“We do expect those conformity schemes to be ready in the early part of next year,” Saeed Al Muhairi, executive director of Quality Infrastructure Services at the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council(QCC), said on Wednesday.

Abu Dhabi’s Department of Municipal Affairs (DMA) has already adopted the International Building Codes. The new unified Building Codes introduce a common and transparent set of regulations to govern all construction industry activities throughout Abu Dhabi Emirate.

A date hasn’t been announced yet on when the code will be mandated. Al Muhairi said that while initially it is going to be at an emirate level, the QCC will push for it to be the standard throughout the country.

He added that the implementation of such a code and set of standards will improve safety conditions in Abu Dhabi. “We want to make sure that the incidents we have registered in the history of Abu Dhabi and the UAE are not repeated”, he said.

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