New Jekko mini crane ups lift capacity

Small lifter offer greater stability with maximum capacity of 3.2t

Crane maker Jekko has introduced its latest mini lifter, the SPX532, which it says marks a sea change between the old and new design systems.

A “more intuitive, cutting-edge and easy-to-use” mini crane, according to Jekko, the Italian company’s new model incorporates innovations such as a new stabilising system, sophisticated electronic and hydraulic systems, greater ease of use, increased lifting capacity, an updated design and a new, user-friendly radio remote control.

“The new SPX532 project is the result of having listened to the precise needs of an increasingly large and continuously evolving market,” said Alberto Franceschini, export manager, Jekko. “Our pioneering experience gained over 20 years in the mini crane sector, combined with comprehensive knowledge of the truck-mounted crane sector, has allowed Jekko to develop a product that combines sophisticated solutions used in the world of mobile cranes with the simplicity and sturdiness typical of truck-mounted cranes.”

The largest mini crane in its segment able to pass through a single door, the SPX532 features a 1t hydraulic jib which can rise to a maximum height of 17.3m, comparable to a higher crane category. The model also has a column reinforced with two pistons and a sump that are no longer in fibreglass but in steel.

The SPX532 has a maximum lifting capacity of 3.2t, with the biggest new feature being its ability to lift using both the hookblock and the hoist method. The stability system has been updated so that slewing goes from 0-90 degrees for each outrigger (previously 0-45). It is also possible to adjust outrigger tilting angle, allowing for more stabilisation areas and more work areas, enabling the crane to work – thanks to a new sensor system – in conditions that would not have been possible before.

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