Eltizam subsidiary adds boat to help clean Reem Island

Tafawuq FM will use new vehicle to clean Reem Island waterways and mangroves

Tafawuq Facilities Management has added a boat to its growing fleet of vehicles to help free the waterways and mangrove areas of Reem Island free of any debris.

The subsidiary of UAE-based Eltizam Asset Management Group  services more than 200 clients and 10 million square feet of real estate; managing an array of high-profile facilities including Marina Bay and Oceanscape.

The new vessel will be deployed to clean the mangroves in Abu Dhabi, habitats for breeding grounds for fish, birds and other organism, which it describes as some of the UAE’s most sensitive natural areas and carbon sinks.

“We believe every company has a responsibility towards the environment and our new boat will ensure that Eltizam upholds its pledge in this regard by cleaning the waters adjacent to the projects it services,” said Mohammed Alsharaf, COO, Eltizam Asset Management Group. “Achieving customer happiness is our ultimate objective and this new addition to our fleet will be a valuable asset that will elevate the quality of our services. The boat is the first step in a new phase of service and expansion in the UAE that will allow us to progress while maintaining the high standard services that benefit all customers.”

Michael Nicholas, general manager, Tafawuq Facilities Management, added that Tafawuq Facilities Management believes that it can have a significant impact on the living and working environment of the communities, public sector entities and businesses, “that we serve through our passion. The UAE and GCC are surrounded by waters, and we thought it would be innovative to explore the possibility of maintaining and serving our facilities through a boat to increase efficiency for marina-based customers.”



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