Container transfer “two months ahead”

Khalifa Port now home to 30% of Mina Zayed containers

The transfer of containers from Mina Zayed Port to the recently inaugurated Khalifa Port, at Kizad, is two months ahead of schedule and currently 30% complete, according to Abu Dhabi Terminals (ADT).

Announcing the progress during the TOC Container Supply Chain Middle East event, ADT said that of 25,763 TUEs that has been offloaded at Khalifa Port Container Terminal to date, 77%  were offloaded after September 1st.

Over the coming months, all operations at Mina Zayed will transfer to Khalifa Port and the Corniche terminal will be converted into a commercial cruise line terminal, in time for the beginning of the 2013 cruise season. Tenders for the conversion project are due imminently.

“ADT is pleased to announce that we are two months ahead of schedule for completing the transitioning of all container traffic from Mina Zayed to the Khalifa Port Container Terminal,” said ADT CEO, Martijn Van de Linde.

“We had initially anticipated completion of the transitioning process by the end of Q1 2013, but now we are projecting completion in January 2013. This has been made possible by Khalifa Port’s ability to deliver more efficient, cost-effective, and better levels of services since day one of operations, which is a clear demonstration of the Container Terminal delivering its value proposition,” he added.

Now 40 years old, Mina Zayed reached its full capacity of 800,000 containers earlier this year. The transfer of business to Khalifa Port will see capacity increase to a theoretical maximum of 15million containers per year, driven by the activity of its neighbouring Kizad Industrial Zone, by the time construction is due to end in 2030.

Khalifa Port opened for commercial operations on September 1. The project features in full in October issue of Big Project Middle East.


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