RTA and skyTran to develop driverless transportation system in Dubai

skyTran specialises in the development of suspended transport systems

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has signed a MoU with skyTran to develop advanced public transport facilities in the emirate. The MoU is said to represent a ‘practical manifestation’ of the Dubai Self-Driving Transport Strategy, which aims to convert 25% of total mobility journeys in Dubai into driverless journeys by 2030.

According to a statement from the RTA, the move is part of its efforts to improve and expand the public transport network in Dubai to keep pace with the sustained growth of the city.

“This MoU highlights RTA’s continuous efforts to team with global specialist firms in developing advanced public transport technologies capable of attracting more riders by offering them safe, fast and luxurious transit experiences, besides curbing traffic congestion in the city. One of these solutions is developing Sky Pod units operated by ‘Maglev’ technology, which are characterised by their safety and speed as well as the saving much of the resources associated with the daily mobility of people,” said Abdul Mohsin Ibrahim Younes, CEO of Rail Agency at RTA after signing the deal with John Cole, CEO of skyTran.

According to Younes, the MoU with skyTran is a milestone in the RTA’s efforts to introduce advanced technologies and innovative services in the field of public transport.

“It will enhance the integration of public transport systems, which in turn will boost the economic growth, attract more investments and improve the standard of living in Dubai,” explained Younes.

Cole noted that his firm was excited to sign the MoU with the RTA and play an active role in realising the RTA’s projects and initiatives.

“It will also support the government drive to rank Dubai as the smartest and happiest city in the world. RTA’s public transport network is amongst the most advanced systems worldwide, and Dubai can boast of infrastructure of roads, bridges and tunnels second to none worldwide,” Cole remarked.

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