Construction progresses on Bangladesh’s first nuclear power plant

Once operational, the power plant is expected to have a capacity of 2400 MW of electricity


Thyssenkrupp Infrastructure has announced that is will be supplying key materials, engineering equipment and components for the foundation of the first nuclear power plant in Bangladesh.

Located in Ruppur, 180 km west of the capital city, Dhaka, the first national power plant will secure energy supplies in Bangladesh from 2023.

Ina Munteanu, project manager for Thyssenkrupp Infrastructure said in a statement: “The requirements and degree of complexity are particularly challenging. We are delighted that we were able to tip the scales with our expertise in global infrastructure projects and win the tender.”

According to the statement, Ruppur was selected due to its proximity to flowing water, which will supply the cooling water for the power plant.

Thyssenkrupp Infrastructure will be making a major contribution to the construction of the foundation, with a total of three vibration units and over 1,200 tons of ASF anchor piles with a diameter of 640mm and a thickness of 90mm, it stated.

Senior officials associated with the power plant also noted that by the middle of the next decade, Bangladesh will produce 9 percent of its electricity from nuclear power and reduce its dependency on fossil fuels.

The power plant is expected to have a capacity of 2400 MW of electricity with the first unit to be commissioned in 2023 and the second in 2024.

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