Raimondi Cranes appoints new CEO

COO Domenico Ciano to take over from Ahmed Alkhoshaibi

Tower crane manufacturer Raimondi Cranes has announced the appointment of Domenico Ciano to the role of chief executive officer effective immediately. Ciano served as the company’s COO and will succeed Ahmed Alkhoshaibi, who was CEO since 2009 at the company owned by Dubai-based KBW Investments.

Speaking about Ciano’s appointment, Alkhoshaibi said: “As Raimondi’s chief executive for more than a decade, I am pleased to see our succession planning process activated. I am confident and proud that Raimondi will have a leader that both values its heritage and will further invigorate the significant upward trajectory we have experienced these past years.

“The wealth of in-house experience, together with his innovative approach to the crane industry, are only two of the reasons that the board of directors advocated for his appointment. I look forward to seeing Ciano’s passion, loyalty and drive rewarded through his position as our new chief executive.”

With over 17 years of experience in the crane industry, Ciano joined Raimondi Cranes in October 2014 as the company’s technical director. He was soon promoted to COO, where he was instrumental in developing Raimondi’s research and development capabilities and has been responsible for delivering a number of popular products to the global market.

“I think it is important to highlight that above all else, we value and promote team members that demonstrate promise. Raimondi Cranes has invested in Ciano, and he has invested in Raimondi Cranes; that is an integral part of our success formula,” Alkhoshaibi said and added that he will continue to play a role in Raimondi’s growth through his participation as a member of the board.

According to a statement by Raimondi, Ciano’s appointment comes during a period of significant growth for the company, which is increasing its market share and pushing into new markets around the world, particularly in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and North America. Ciano will also mastermind the roll-out of a number of new cranes during 2019.

“Having joined Raimondi Cranes five years ago, I was originally brought on to catalyse the company’s research and development segment, leading with intelligently-designed cranes and subsequently accessories. Since 2014, Raimondi has launched a number of new products and a full accessories range, with extremely warm market reception,” Ciano said.

During Ciano tenure as CEO, Raimondi’s commercial expansion plans will continue, bolstered by an experienced group of multinational team members, said Raimondi.

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