Dewan eyes growth in S.E. Asia

Firm has opened a new office in Hong Kong with plans to open another in Vietnam by the end of the year

Dewan Architects and Engineers says it is keen to expand into South East Asian countries. The firm plans to leverage its extensive knowledge to work closely with real estate developers in order to optimise the work being done in the region.

In line with its plan to enter the South East Asian market, the firm recently opened an office in Hong Kong and says that it plans to establish another office in Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam in late 2019.

Additionally, the firm points out that it has operated a branch office in Manilla since 2007 and notes that it is staffed with over 60 BIM-qualified architects. Dewan says that design practices in the Philippines are similar to those in the UAE.

“Philippines is a steady growth market with a fast-developing design scene, a readily available source of skilled technicians, and a similar work structure to the UAE,” says Ammar Al Assam, executive director of Dewan Architects and Engineers.

According to a statement, Dewan has over 35 years of experience working across the Middle East in markets such as the UAE, KSA and Iraq. The firm says it is also known for its work in Europe, Africa and parts of Asia.

Commenting on the firm’s future expansion plans in Asia, Al Assam explains, “Our mid-term plan is to handle four to five projects a year from our existing design hubs, and at a later stage to establish a local office that would be self-sufficient in both Business Development and design, either organically or through acquisition of established local practices.”

Dewan’s directors say that every market the firm enters enriches its design ethos and that they focus on applying local culture and knowledge.

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