REO UK completes $337,000 UAE HVAC power quality project

Power specialist said that its harmonic filters were chosen as the “most cost effective and energy efficient solution”

REO UK says it has completed a $337,000 contract with a building management company in the UAE.

REO UK claims its entire suite of products eliminate power quality problems in HVAC applications.

The power specialist said that its REOWAVE Passive harmonic filters were used after it was chosen as the “most cost effective and energy efficient solution” to support the project’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

The company in the Middle East responsible for the integration of several building features, including alarm systems and lift controls, found that the installation of HVAC systems adhering to the country’s energy management standards could not be achieved alone, REO told MECN.

“Temperatures in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) can reach as high as 50 degrees Celsius and HVAC systems are not so much a luxury, but rather a necessity in the region,” explained Steve Hughes, managing director of REO UK. “Conscious of global emission reduction targets, policy makers have introduced several HVAC-related guidelines such as the LEED certification to make sure commercial and residential buildings adhere to energy efficiency standards.

“At REO UK, we’ve created a series of products like the REOWAVE Passive filters to comply with HVAC guidelines and mitigate the chances of equipment failure or interruption, which could result in discomfort to homeowners and guests. This is particularly important in apartment buildings where there are more sophisticated building management systems, with electronics controlling everything from the lifts to the doors, which can all be compromised by poor power quality.”

Poor power quality can damage HVAC components including heat exchangers, fans, pump motors, condensers and furnaces, reducing their lifespan and raising energy costs. During the assessment stages of the contract bid, the average savings made from the reduction in the total harmonic distortion of the input current (THDi) because of REO UK’s harmonic filters was estimated at 21.3%, said the firm.

Based on the estimated savings, the building management company identified that REO UK’s products could result in an exceptionally short amortisation period for the original capital investment. Against the final other two shortlisted companies, REO was also identified as having an extensive support network and exceptionally high product quality standards.


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