Exclusive: My advice to Nakheel

Former media advisor says recovery time needed

Dr Ahmed Samerai’s Sahara Communications worked with Nakheel at the height of the financial crisis.

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The chairman of the media advisory firm employed by Nakheel during the financial crisis has said the developer is in need of “another way to communicate” while repairing the damage its brand has suffered since 2008.

Speaking to Big Project Middle East, the chairman of Sahara Communication’s parent company, Dr Ahmed Samerai said:

“After the restructuring, they need some time to recover but I would advise them on another way to communicate. There are other ways they should deal with it. They still have a product and all they need is better customer service and investor relations. They should separate their communication so the people communicating with their bankers and regulators, are separate from the ones who talk with their customers, residents and visitors.

Sahara worked with Nakheel during the launch of Palm Jumeirah but ceased to be the developer’s media advisor when communications were moved in house.

“They did a great job – The Palm is really one of the wonders. Just a quick look at the hotel portfolio there and the beautiful landscape – but they upset the residents for the sake of a couple of million  dirhams, which really they shouldn’t have done.

“This is the voice of not only Nakheel but the voice of Dubai and it should be key.”

The full interview with Dr Samerai will feature in November issue of Big Project Middle East. 


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