UAE’s MoCCAE issues resolution on construction waste

Recycled materials could be used to pave roads, grade dirt roads and parking areas and be used as earth filling at construction sites

The UAE’s Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MoCCAE) has issued a resolution addressing the use of recycled materials from construction sites, as well as demolition waste for infrastructure projects including the construction of roads.

The MoCCAE worked with the Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MoID) and municipal authorities to produce the resolution and says it will support the transition to a circular economy. The ministry expects the resolution to increase the efficiency of waste management and reduce pressure on landfills.

The resolution will also improve human health and conserve natural resources through reduced reliance on virgin aggregates, the MoCCAE said.

According to a statement from WAM, the resolution outlines environmental prerequisites for recycling cement, concrete, steel, bricks, gravel, sand, asphalt, timber, and gypsum waste into valuable materials. The document mandates relevant local departments to ensure that contractors collect and sort waste generated at construction and demolition sites.

Additionally, the resolution stipulates that the aggregate must undergo quality testing in laboratories to verify their compliance with UAE standards, as well as LEED and BREEAM certification requirements. As per the resolution, government and private contractors can meet up to 40% of their material requirements from recycled aggregates.

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