Empower starts construction of $46mn cooling plant in Barsha Heights

Empower is also in contract with Ithra Dubai to provide district cooling services worth 45000 RT for the Deira Waterfront Development

Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation (Empower) has started the construction of a permanent district cooling plant in Barsha Heights, at an estimated cost of $46 million.

The construction will be carried out in two phases and is expected to be completed in 56 weeks and the plant will start operation in December 2019, according to a statement from the company. The new plant will have a total capacity of 31,250 RT and will replace the three semi-permanent plants located in the area.

Empower has said the it will consider ‘the standards of sustainable green buildings and the modern urban developments of Dubai, as well as the overall appearance of the area and the architecture of the surrounding buildings.’ On the same lines, the project is expected to be awarded the LEED Gold certification for green buildings.

Ahmad Bin Shafar, CEO of Empower, said: “This will also encourage urban developers and contractors to develop their projects according to the district cooling mechanism, and to benefit from Empower’s pioneer services.”

“It also contributes to increasing the operational efficiency of semi-permanent plants in this area, which is characterised by continuous development and expansion. Also, this is the latest example where award-winning TSE (treated sewage effluent) and TES (thermal energy storage) technologies will be used in the new district cooling plant at Barsha Heights.”

“This supports efforts to promote a comprehensive and sustainable development of Dubai, in line with the Dubai Plan 2021, to make Dubai a smart and sustainable city whose environmental elements are clean, healthy and sustainable,” he added.

Currently, Empower operates more than 1.34 million RT across Dubai, for large-scale real estate developments and will also be providing district cooling services worth 45,000 RT for the Deira Waterfront project for Ithra Dubai, signed last month.

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