Emicool rolls out Distributed Temperature Sensing technology

Firm says it is the first district cooling Company in the MENA region with the Global Conformity (GC) Mark as a certified green company

Emirates District Cooling Company (Emicool) says it has become the first district cooling service provider in the region to leverage a real-time leak detection system known as Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) technology. The district cooling specialist says the technology has reduced chilled water network losses by almost 70% as compared to previous years.

The district cooling company said it partnered with European technology provider (Fast GmbH) to enable early alerts of underground leaks and reduce water loss. Both companies are part of the Chilled Water Network Leak Detection Project.

According to Emicool, the solution is a unique concept compared to all existing leak detection concepts like flow meter, pressure. The early detection of the water loss improves the plant’s operational efficiency by reducing additional chilled water required to overcome the network leaks, it said.

In April 2021, at a meeting of the Association of District Cooling Operators Dubai, it was announced that nearly 650GWh of electricity savings were recorded in 2020 thanks to the use of district cooling in the emirate. This is in excess of the annual savings target of 420GWh.

“As a company we are at an exciting crossroad of enhancing and facilitating seamless access and integrating the latest technological know-how, and harnessing the growing demand for district cooling. It is indeed a strategic business decision to be the early adopters of the Chilled Water Leak Detection System technology,” said Dr Adib Moubadder, CEO, Emicool.

He added, “Complementing and supporting the chilled water storage is our largest penetration of thermal energy storage towers, and around 70% of our plants are equipped with these storage facilities, serving as an ideal option to save energy. We are extremely proud to be a part of this exciting journey to contribute and be an integral partner of the evolving district cooling industry and will continue to focus on the adoption of the state-of-the-art district cooling technologies with compliance to sustainability.”

According to Emicool, the chilled water pipe network will be implemented and expanded in phases across all its facilities to accelerate the benefits of the concept across all areas of service. The firm noted that it has strategic plans to transform buildings from conventional air-conditioning to district cooling, increasing the penetration of district cooling concepts in the market over the coming years.

In July 2021, Emicool and Siemens partnered to boost sustainability and environmental benefits, while in April 2022, Dubai Investments said it would divests a 50% stake in EMICOOL to Actis in a $1bn deal.


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