Al Ain completes $11m Ring Road

Municipality says that road will help ease traffic to the Al Ain International Airport

Al Ain Municipality has completed construction work on the Northern Ring Road, it was announced on Monday, as part of a plan to ease the flow of traffic to the Al Ain International Airport.

The road links the Al Ain – Dubai road and cost a total of $11.70m. The road starts from Al Foa’a, some 15km north of downtown Al Ain and passes through Wadi Jazza and Wadi Al Tawayya.

The completed stretch is some 17km long, a municipality official said.

Fatima Harrasi, project manager at Al Ain Municipality, added the second phase of the project had been launched, with road protection from sand and rainwater damage set to be constructed as well. This will mean that concrete slabs will be installed around the road, she explained.

Furthermore, she added that the municipality recently concluded a study on floodwater danger in residential areas, valleys and neighbouring areas. The Northern Ring road passes through one such valley, hence the need for protection.

The second phase will also include the shifting of trees and a number of services alongside the road, a report in Gulf News said.

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