Britain must export its way out of recession – UK PM

CEO of British interiors firm calls on UK government to increase support to exporters

David Cameron told UK construction and building material companies at Big 5 that he was thankful for their support for British exports.

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David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has said that Britain must export its way out of recession, highlighting the efforts of construction and building materials firms exhibiting at Big 5 as the way forward for UK companies.

In an interview with Big Project ME, John Jefferies, CEO of the UK based Laidlaw Interiors Group, said that the Prime Minister had thanked the members of the UK pavilion for supporting British exports and enquired about their objectives at the region’s biggest construction and machinery show.

“Firstly he thanked us for supporting British exports and said that Britain must export its way out of the recession,” Jefferies said during a telephone interview.

He added that the Prime Minister had also enquired about the strength of the relationship between UK firms and the UAE and how the UK government could help.

“He then asked us what the UK government could do to support British exporters. I told him that they could support events such as Big 5 and maybe increase support from regional government representatives, such as the British Embassy,” Jefferies said.

The Laidlaw Interiors Group first exhibited at Big 5 four years ago, he said, and had set up a distribution network shortly after. He said that the group had plans to expand from its factories in the UK and India, with a major expansion in the UAE in the pipeline.

Jefferies added that the company, which specialises in interior specifications, had a number of projects in Abu Dhabi, including a number of universities and aimed to be associated with a number of major projects in the UAE.

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