JLG launches new small platform for engine-powered boom lifts

Unit’s small width profile designed to allow workers to navigate tight spaces

Powered access heavyweight JLG has introduced a new 3-foot wide platform suitable for a variety of applications for all its engine-powered boom lifts.

The Oshkosh Corporation company that specialises in aerial work platforms and telehandlers, said that all its engine-powered boom lifts can now be equipped with the new platform, whose dimensions are 76.2-by-91.44cm. The platform is available as an aftermarket purchase or on new whole goods orders.

Jan-Willem van Wier, JLG’s senior product marketing manager for the EMEA market, said: “These new smaller platforms help JLG meet the growing market demand for compact platforms to complete work in tight spaces. Smaller platforms allow workers to access work areas where traditional platforms wouldn’t fit.”

According to JLG, the 91.44cm platform is ideal for a variety of applications including construction or repair of bridges. It allows for more precise navigation between the steel and concrete support structures. Additionally, the platform enables access to many applications notorious for challenging access, such as those found in petrochemical plants or refineries, cogeneration facilities, stadiums, convention centres, or between spires in a chapel.

As with most JLG boom platforms, this product comes standard with JLG’s SkyGuard enhanced control panel protection system.



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