Ex-Deyaar CEO back in court

Former lawyer expresses ‘shock and disappointment’ over Shahin’s escape to Yemen

Shahin is back in court after an aborted attempt to escape the country.

US businessman Zack Shahin has appeared in court on Thursday with no lawyer to represent him, after Yemeni authorities deported him back to the UAE.

Shahin’s  former legal team, Ali Al Shamsi’s office said the former Deyaar CEO caused them embarrassment with the court and the Chief Justice who approved of the bail in the first place.

Al Shamsi told Khaleej Times that he was shocked and disappointed at his client’s escape to Yemen.

“I have been working on his cases for more than five years. Securing his release on bail was not easy at all,” said Al Shamsi.“Many hurdles had come our way and eventually we overcame them for his conditional release,” he said.

Before fleeing the UAE in August, Shahin had been detained in Dubai’s Al Aweer Central Prison for more than four years in connection with four cases of fraud involving more than $81.7m and misuse of powers.

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