A golden milestone for Bin Moosa & Daly and Terrain

Polypipe Middle East marks the 50-year relationship with Terrain and Bin Moosa & Daly

Since its establishment in 1967, water technology company Bin Moosa & Daly has become a part of Abu Dhabi’s heritage story.

Set up by Michael Francis Daly more than 50 years ago to serve the capital’s emerging construction market, Bin Moosa & Daly is one of Abu Dhabi’s oldest trading companies. It began by importing and selling water fittings and building materials, mainly from Britain, and has since grown to five locations in the UAE, supplying more than 40 brands.

Having spent nearly 20 years in Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Bahrain and Yemen working in the Palestine Police Force, and later in the oil industry, Michael F. Daly moved to Abu Dhabi in 1958 to set up ADMA Training Centres. He worked for BP at the time and began teaching engineering skills to young Emirati students.

As well as helping to shape the rise of industry and business in Abu Dhabi, Michael played a role in the rise of expat society. He helped with the construction of the capital’s first church and was a founding member of a private members’ club and Abu Dhabi’s first library.

After working in Abu Dhabi for nine years, Michael decided to retire in 1967. Having been given land by His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, he decided to remain in the city to set up his own business, Al Daly Trading. He later took one of his former students, Sayyah M. Moosa Al Qubeisi, into partnership with him and the foundations of Bin Moosa & Daly were laid.

One name that has been with Bin Moosa & Daly since its beginning is Terrain, the world-renowned drainage brand that has been manufacturing quality drainage systems since 1947 at the Aylesford site in the UK.

The recent celebrations held for Bin Moosa & Daly’s Kizad warehouse opening provided a moment for Polypipe Middle East to mark the 50-year relationship with Terrain and Bin Moosa & Daly.

At the event Michael Daly, Managing Director of Bin Moosa & Daly and Michael F. Daly’s son, recalled the early beginnings of his company, as well as Key Engineering which would later become Key Terrain. “When my father set up the business in 1967 there was no development or building materials in Abu Dhabi, so he had to import everything from overseas. Materials were just put on the beach when they arrived. Back then it was pitch fibre, a by-product of the paper industry, so you can imagine how many pipes ended up broken. We spent most of our time claiming off the insurance.”

Bin Moosa & Daly sold Terrain’s first pitch fibre pipes in 1968, but it was later that the drainage brand was put on the map. “I met a man called Allan Mitchell, just before I joined the business out here in 1975. I met him in the Key Terrain factory in Kent, UK. He was a Terrain specialist through and through and knew the technicalities of the product on a deep level. So much so that a couple of months later he was sent to be a resident in Dubai to promote Terrain. He was here for around five or six years visiting consultants and giving workshops. He got Terrain specified in the early days and made it what it is today.”

Pointing to a certificate, Michael added: “And then there was Freddy Finch, another Terrain expert who used to come out and train us. That’s a certificate he gave me in 1992.”

Moving through the times

Bin Moosa & Daly and Terrain share a partnership and a history few could match. He recalls the brand moving from Key Terrain in its early days to eventually becoming Polypipe Terrain in 2007. Despite many years of change, Terrain’s quality and performance has remained throughout.

Having pioneered the development of PVC solvent-weld soil and waste pipe systems more than 60 years ago, Terrain is an expert in its field and is known for its engineered, robust drainage solutions, backed by excellent technical advice and customer service.

With a portfolio of leading brands and an aftersales technical service that is renowned for being one of the best of its kind in the region, Michael Daly has high hopes for his company’s continued success.

Pointing to the company brochure, he said: “In the early days we bought everything and anything. But as time has gone by we’ve realised that we have to specialise in order to survive. Everything is so much more regimented now with paperwork and technical submissions, and of course, the competition is much fiercer.”

Marking the occasion

To round off the event, Polypipe Middle East’s Sales Director, Adam Smith, presented Michael Daly with a gold plaque award to say thank you for 50 years in business.

Adam commented: “I cannot recall one complaint that we’ve received regarding Bin Moosa & Daly, which is a testament to its excellent service levels. As one of its longest-standing brands, Polypipe Terrain is proud to have remained at the forefront of Bin Moosa & Daly’s exemplary offer to this day.”


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