Dubai Municipality moves to preserve old buildings

Project will be launched by the Planning Department and the Architectural Heritage Department

The Dubai Municipality has issued a statement saying that it is working with several entities in a bid to preserve the heritage of the city. The municipal authority will focus its efforts on old buildings that date back to the 60s and 70s.

In line with the initiative, the municipal body recently organised meetings with the Ministry of Health and Prevention, Al Baraha Hospital, Knowledge Fund Establishment, Dubai Culture and Arts Authority and the World Trade Centre, the owners of the buildings that will be preserved.

They were briefed on the municipality’s ‘Modern Heritage’ initiative and the importance of this stage of the history of urban development in Dubai. Dubai Municipality also said that many of the buildings are considered part of the memory of the city and contribute to the story of the development of the emirate towards modernity and global status.

“We have readied a short list of buildings including Dubai World Trade Centre, Clock Tower, Al Baraha Hospital, Al Khuloud Nursery and Al Ras Library in the first stage,” explained Najib Mohammed Saleh, the director of the Planning Department.

Ahmed Mahmoud, the director of the Architectural Heritage Department, added that many of the buildings still occupy major positions in the city and perform important functions.

“The buildings have had a great impact on shaping the urban environment and crystallising the architectural character of the 1960s and 1970s of Dubai’s development,” observed Mahmoud.

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