Sheikh Mohammed praises ‘world class’ UAE infrastructure

DED oversaw the launch of 65 projects in 2011, 80% of which have been completed

The UAE’s rapid growth and success has come on the back of its early realisation of the importance of consolidating infrastructure rules, HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum said on Wednesday.

Speaking at the introduction of the annual report issued by the Department of Economic Development in Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed said that the infrastructure rules introduced into Dubai had the highest degree of reliability and kept pace with the latest changes in the world, across various fields.

“Since the development of our beloved country we have put before our eyes the development of man and opened all doors of science and education, production and creativity before him; we have also provided man with free and dignified livelihood in terms of health and sports services, cultural and housing services, as well as boundless material and moral support,” he said.

“When my father decided to move forward in the expansion of the Creek, ordered the construction of the Dubai International Airport and directed the establishment of Jebel Ali Port, in a series of mega-projects, those around him couldn’t hide their doubts in the economic viability of these projects at that time.”

“But this is Dubai and these are our people who look to the future with insight and steady steps, believing in their strong faith in God, work capabilities and self reliance in overcoming challenges and achieving what seems a fantasy at first glance,” he added.

“We are reaping what has been planted by our parents; our economy is diversified and does not depend only on foreign investments, which we welcome in Dubai.”

The DED’s report pointed out that 2011 saw the establishment of a Foreign Investment Office, financed by 12 foreign investors. The report also pointed out the department’s volume of diverse accomplishments last year.

Furthermore, during 2011 the DED also saw the launch of 65 projects, 80% of which has been completed.

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