New tenders issued for low-income housing in Bahrain

130 homes to built for $2.63 million, confirms senior municipal official

Tenders have been issued by Bahrain’s Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning for new homes as part of its affordable houisng Towns and Villages Development Project “aimed at supporting low-income citizens”, according to official news agency BNA.

According to BNA, senior municipal official Dr Nabil Mohammed Abu Al Fateh has revealed that the tranche of 27 units will be added to the previous maintenance and revamp contracts for 103 houses, raising the number of targeted houses to 130. Collectively their construction will cost $2.63 million.

Dr Al Fateh, the municipalities affairs undersecretary at the ministry, spoke to the the media following field visits to the houses alongside assistant undersecretary for joint municipal services Wael Al Mubarak, and several other municipal officials.

Al Fateh stressed the need to expedite the revamp of houses whose contracts had been signed, it added.

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