60% of cable market supply from undefined sources

Ducab manager highlights safety concerns for uncertified products

As much as 60% of all flexible cable wire in the UAE market is from undefined sources, putting hundreds of buildings at an increased risk of fire and malfunction, according to Ducab marketing manager Ashish Chaturvedy.

Speaking exclusively to Big Project Middle East Chaturvedy says that steps must be taken to prevent the “dumping” of substandard product in the region.

“This market has been a target for such products because its high growth and potential provides an easy way to be able to dump material here at much lower prices,” Chaturvedy said, adding that such activity often goes unnoticed as incident investigations often cannot pinpoint the specific cause of fire.

“Out of every ten products on the market, there may be three that are approved and tested by a third party but the other six need to be kept out of the market,” Chaturvedy added.

“In the local market everything is so transient that contractors who are not so reputed leave two years after installing a product in their project that has no certifications. They don’t know what happens after the guarantees expire so the incentive not to deliver substandard isn’t there,“ he continued.

Focussing on education within its distributor network, Ducab is now actively promoting the exclusive sale of certified goods to the electrical industry through its distributors as part of its corporate responsibility to the communities the manufacturing giant operates in.

The most recent exercise to promote the sale of certified products saw Ducab run a ‘Ducab Dragons’ incentives scheme for its top distributors to travel to Thailand for an all expenses team building dragon boat race. The event will be covered in detail in Big Project Middle East.

“The core objective of this incentive for our dealers was to educate them as to the importance of selling certified products,” Chaturvedy said.


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