Dubai contractors abiding by midday break rule

Human rights body says field inspection tours of construction sites found no violations

The Emirates Human Rights Association (EHRA) has said a field inspection tour of construction sites in Dubai last Monday has found no violations of the Ministry of Labour’s midday break rule.

“This visit showed how committed the contracting companies are to the midday break rule,” said the secretary-general of the EHRA, Mohamad Hussain Al Hammadi.

He urged employers and contracting firms to strictly abide by the midday break rule, especially during the holy month of Ramadan, and not to subject workers to excessive work particularly in the blistering sun in summer.

Such visits are conducted every year, as part of the association’s programmes to ensure that companies are committed to maintaining workers’ rights and are adhering to the rules and laws, said Al Hammadi.

“The association’s field visits are in line with its keenness to enforce human rights and make sure that the labour rights are well protected in the country,” he added.


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