‘Dubai Lamp’ to be mandatory in new buildings in emirate

Developers, consultants and contractors received a memo about the use of the energy efficient bulb

The Dubai Municipality has made the use of the energy efficient ‘Dubai Lamp’ mandatory for all new developments in the city, according to a WAM story. The authority will begin verifying the use of the bulb in December of this year.

Layali Al Mulla, director of Dubai Municipality’s Buildings Department, explained that all consultancies have to develop a proper mechanism, and make a commitment to the use of the Dubai Lamp across all developments, including those under construction.

The LED bulb was developed by Philips and is said to use a fraction of the electricity that is used by conventional lights. The bulb is specified to generate 200 lumens per watt and aims to cut power consumption by up to 95%. The bulbs are also designed to last an average of 25,000 hours longer than conventional lamps.

Authorities say the bulbs will help the emirate cut emissions and strengthen its green credentials.

“In case other lamps similar to the Dubai Lamp have already been purchased or contracted upon ahead of issuing this memo, the contractor concerned shall have to submit the relevant purchase invoices upon applying for the Building Completion Certificate,” said Layali Al Mulla, director of the Buildings Department at Dubai Municipality.

Familiarisation workshops will be organised by Dubai Municipality over the coming months to raise awareness about the lamp’s benefits and usage according to Al Mulla.

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