Sumitomo to offer Trimble machine control on excavators

Factory fitted solutions increase productivity and quality of finished earthworks

Sumitomo has chosen Trimble as its preferred technology provider in machine control solutions for its excavators.

According to a joint statement by the Japanese manufacturer and the American telematics heavyweight, Sumitomo will work closely with Trimble to offer the Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform for its excavators as a factory-fit machine control solution. The solution offers customers two options: 2D Machine Guidance or 2D Machine Control. Both can benefit Sumitomo customers by increasing the productivity and quality of finished earthworks. The facility will be offered in the Japanese market for now.

“Sumitomo is pleased that our customers in Japan will soon have the ability to choose 2D Machine Guidance or 2D Machine Control options for their new SH200-7 excavators direct from the factory,” said Atsuo Fukushi, director and general manager of the Engineering Division of Sumitomo Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

“The collaboration between Trimble and Sumitomo takes excavator performance to the next level with Trimble Earthworks semi-automatic excavator machine control,” said Troy Rigby, OEM manager for Trimble Civil Engineering and Construction, Asia Pacific. “Our mutual customers will benefit from the improved productivity and quality control that the Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform and Sumitomo machine integration enables.”

Sumitomo will offer two options from the factory for grade control. The 2D Machine Guidance option will include a Sumitomo-designed user interface, using the integrated machine display panel in the excavator cab. The 2D Machine Control factory fit option includes a 10-inch Android tablet display running the Trimble Earthworks software application. Both options feature rugged Trimble hardware, designed and tested for the harsh conditions found on construction sites.

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