Ministry of Labour issues new permit guidelines

Proper and healthy housing for new labour a prerequisite for issuance of new work permits

The Ministry of Labour has announced that before they grant permits for new workers, private sector firms applying for work permits must provide proof they have housing accommodation for them.

Housing must be according to standards set by the Ministry, including size, cleanliness and health standards.

The Sharjah-based Arabic language daily, Alkhaleej, reported the Ministry of Labour as saying the “provision of proper and healthy housing for new labour is a pre-requisite for the issuance of new work permits…housing must be provided even before the arrival of the new workers to the UAE.”

The outlining of new regulations came as a result of rejecting an application by a company for work permits after it failed to present documents showing they had arranged housing for the new employees.

They noted that most of the companies operating in the Gulf state have become more compliant with the new rules, saying, “The Ministry will not agree to any exemptions or exceptions, nor will it tolerate any violations in this respect.”


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