Bahrain awarded $3.15bn in infra contracts in 2011

1769 contracts awarded for a total of $3.15bn, representing a 155% surge since 2003

Bahrain has floated tenders for 1129 projects in 2011 with a total value of $2.85bn, according to the annual report of the Kingdom’s Tender Board.

The government awarded 1769 contracts for a total of $3.15bn, representing a 155% surge since 2003, bringing the total during the past nine yearsto 15,372 projects.

The contracts included public sector projects, public utilities, infrastructures for various sectors such as services, electricity, water, oil and gas, healthcare, housing, roads and bridges, and aviation, the report said. The rise in the number of projects awarded indicates an increase in government expenditures in public projects over the period, the Tender Board said in the report.

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