Iveco wins ‘NGV Global Industry Champion’ award for natural gas vehicles

Manufacturer recognised for dedication to developing vehicles powered by alternative fuel source

Italian heavy and commercial vehicles giant Iveco has won the “NGV Global Industry Champion” Award 2017 in recognition of its commitment to the natural gas sector and for its efforts in developing the compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) markets.

The award is sponsored by NGV Global, the International Association for Natural Gas Vehicles, which represents the natural gas vehicle industry worldwide and is dedicated to promoting the use of natural gas and biomethane for transport, with a view to increasing vehicle efficiency and safety in all areas.

The official announcement was made by Diego Goldin, executive director of NGV Global, who said: “Iveco’s focus on natural gas propulsion, offering methane-powered alternatives on its entire commercial vehicle product range, significantly contributes to the reduction of transport-related emissions. I hope you will accept this token not just as a mark of all that has been achieved but also as a beginning of a new chapter of greater adoption, development and prosperity for natural gas technology in the future.”

The biennial award recognises initiatives and programmes implemented by companies in order to develop and improve the natural gas sector around the world. The NGV Global board selected Iveco for the award based on criteria that included the progress made in the use of natural gas as an alternative fuel and the contribution to growing the natural gas vehicle market worldwide. The jury looked at the impact of the activities of the brand at national, regional and global level.

The award was accepted by Pierre Lahutte, Iveco brand president, who said: “We are proud that our commitment to the development of natural gas as a fuel for sustainable transport was recognised with this award. At a time when many are looking for alternatives to diesel and for ways of making electric or even hydrogen propulsion technologically and economically viable, which is not the case yet, natural gas simply proves to be a mature, reasonable and affordable solution. Natural Gas technology is not a dream for the future, it is a reality for today: a true, practical and immediate solution. At Iveco we have worked on the development of this sustainable fuel for over 20 years and we have today 16,000 vehicles already operating either on natural or bio gas.

“We are proud to be able to say that we are the first manufacturer to offer a full range of natural gas models, from light vehicles to heavy vehicles and buses, and that every day we see the adoption rate grow with the acquisition of new customers.”

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