Middle East’s power capacity to soar by 2030 – report

Siemens forecasts a 66% increase in power capacity

The Middle East will require additional power capacity of 267 gigawatts (GW) by 2030. This will take the region’s capacity to 509 GW, from 307 GW today, resulting in an increase of 66 per cent, according to a recent Siemens report.

The next 14 years will also see 66 GW of capacity retired, said Siemens in its outlook for the energy landscape in the Middle East.

“The Middle East’s growing population requires reliable and efficient power supply. We also see natural gas as the main source of power generation by 2030, with energy efficient power plants leading in new capacity additions,” said Dietmar Siersdorfer, CEO, Siemens Middle East and UAE.

Siemens has been a long-term technology partner to the region. In the UAE and Qatar, Siemens solutions are responsible for 40 percent and 60 percent respectively of the two countries’ power generation capacities, the report added.

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