Headset offers virtual reality walkthrough of real estate projects

Merlin Digital Ridge VR wearable device enables plotting of real estate layouts to provide buyers 3D views of off-plan properties


The consumer technology brand Merlin Digital has introduced new tools that offer an immersive virtual reality (VR) experience for the property sector, enabling 3D walkthroughs of real estate projects.

The company’s Ridge VR digital suite combines architectural design and virtual reality in a wearable device that enables buyers to see the actual view of off-plan apartments or properties they wish to buy, in order to encourage prompt decision making, Merlin Digital said in a statement.

According to the company, the Ridge VR revolutionises the way real estate agencies, sales agents, developers, designers and architects can sell off-plan properties to buyers by offering them an immersive walkthrough experience with a wearable VR headset.

Company co-founder Sharad Hiro Bachani said the immersive 3D virtual walk-through device and suite enables the plotting of any real estate layout and turning it into a 3D visual representation, so that a buyer can get a 360-degree video feed of a house or walk around a plot.

“VR headsets are set to become the biggest trend in wearables this year, with almost every technology giant jumping on the bandwagon. Taking advantage of the scenario, we are pleased to introduce the world’s first virtual reality cordless headset that does not need a computer or a smartphone to power the device. We are hopeful that the Ridge VR will simplify matters a lot for real estate companies that have off-plan projects in the UAE,” Bachani said.

Merlin Digital said the Ridge VR is powered by an octa-core CPU and high-end graphics processor. It has a 16GB built-in memory and microSD card support, and runs on Android OS. It comes with a Bluetooth joystick for personal control, head-tracking GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and is priced at AED918 ($250).

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