SBG secures $506m deals to build Makkah roads

Contracts worth $506m handed out to build new roads, bridges and tunnels in Holy City

The Saudi government has awarded Saudi Binladin Group (SBG) two contracts worth $506m to build new roads, bridges and tunnels, as part of the King Abdullah Construction Project for the holy city of Makkah.

The first contract focuses on the remaining parts of the second ring road, while the second covers the third phase of the third ring road in the city. For the second ring road project, Al-Nakasa Bridge in al-Kakiya district will be extended while new bridges will be erected at al-Tandabawee and al-Biban districts.

Compensation for around 1,038 expropriated properties will reach $2.13bn. The third ring road project will see bridges and tunnels constructed in different areas including Al-Jamarat Square located between Prince Majed Street and King Fahd Road.

Al-Haj Street will be extended from both sides. The total cost of this project is around $399m, while compensation for 830 acquired properties is set at $851.6m.

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