Doha builders troubled by rising waters beneath the city

Water and effluent are collecting in pockets beneath the city, contractors warn, which could cause problems for the development of the Doha Metro system which will go out to tender in June

Builders in Doha are being forced to pump water from building sites and prevent basement excavations from flooding. The cause of the problem is a table of water, currently almost two meters high in parts, under the city.

The table is rapidly rising, causing a headache for contractors and is the result of big gaps in the sewerage system and leaks in the mains network.

Water and effluent are collecting in pockets beneath the city. Kamal Omer, operations manager at Asco Consulting Engineers in Doha, said, “It is a problem associated with coastal towns around the Gulf, having the same geology and topography. The problem is manageable, but it has got worse due to urbanisation.”

It is looking to be a problem for the Doha Metro which is expected to go out to tender next month. Gallons of water will need to be taken from the ground before the tunnels beneath the city are constructed.

At least 35% of Doha’s desalinated water is thought to be lost through leakages. This will be reduced to 10% over the next four years.

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