Diyar Al Muharraq signs agreement to build Bahrain Grand Mosque

Mosque intended to be the focal point of the community and serve the congregation

Diyar Al Muharraq announced on Thursday that it had reached an agreement with Middle East Contracting and Trade Centre and Gulf House Engineering for the design and construction of the Shaikh Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa Grand Mosque in Bahrain.

Scheduled to be completed by August 2013, the mosque will feature Arabian Islamic design and architecture and will aim to be a prominent architectural highlight in the Gulf Arab country.

“The building of the Grand Mosque is a very important part of our master plan. The mosque will be the focal point where all residents will converge in a spirit of brotherhood and oneness,” said Abdul Hakim Al Khayyat, chairman of Diyar Al Muharraq.

The mosque will feature a central dome made of a special acrylic with calligraphy and light elements and a 45m minaret. It is envisioned as being the focal point of the community, with its location strategically chosen in a 19,238m2, adjacent to Diyar Entry Park in the Sarat area across the beach.

As a Friday Grand Mosque, it will have the capacity to serve congregations of around 800 people, with separate areas for men and women. Roadways and walkways will increase access to the mosque, while ample car parking will make it convenient for residents of Diyar and the surround areas to attend.

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