Empower CEO calls on UAE hotels sector to adopt latest tech

Chief of district cooling firm says services can give a boost to hospitality industry

File photo - Empower

Empower has called on the country’s hospitality industry to embrace the latest district cooling systems in order to help boost the tourism sector, while also conserving natural resources.

The UAE-based district cooling provider said in a statement that the hospitality industry was dependent on a number of services, with cooling playing an active part in their success.

“The hospitality industry in Dubai is more aware of the importance of district cooling as 13% of the buildings connected to our services are hotels,” said Ahmad Bin Shafar, the chief executive of Empower.

“By adopting district cooling systems, hotels can focus on their core business and let us handle what we specialise in,” said the company head, speaking at a hotel industry event in Dubai.

Bin Shafar added that he was fully confident about the future of district cooling within the hospitality industry, pointing out the success of Empower’s strategy in terms of spreading the use of district cooling.

“Our equipment does not need to be replaced too frequently compared to traditional air conditioning. Considering the reliability standards, Empower uses sophisticated equipment ready for action in emergency cases,” he asserted.

Furthermore, he highlighted the edge district cooling has over traditional technologies, especially in terms of the reduction in the financial cost associated with energy usage.

“On top of financial savings in installation and commissioning work, district cooling can result in 50 per cent reduction in energy cost when compared to conventional cooling means,” he said.

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