Dubai Municipality ‘supervising 25,124 under-construction buildings’

Director of Buildings Department says increased numbers are positive for construction industry


Dubai Municipality has said its Buildings Department is undertaking engineering supervision of 25,124 buildings under construction in the emirate.

The engineering supervision process will include the inspection and control of all construction works, the municipality added. Building permits were issued for various kinds of multi-storied buildings, general and industrial buildings, as well as villas, a WAM report said.

Additions, amendments and decoration works for buildings were also approved, the report added.

Khalid Mohammed Saleh, director of the Buildings Department, said the municipality regularly received requests for technical audits of these types of projects, which are at various stages of construction.

“During the first half of the year, the municipality received 25,419 requests for structural audit, which is a 20 percent increase from the number of requests last year during the same period,” he said.

“We also received more than 3,000 requests for scrutiny for issuing completion certificates and the first half of the year saw issuance of certificates to 5,837 buildings, whereas the number was 2,906 during the same period last year,” said Saleh.

He added that the increase in numbers was a positive sign for the construction industry, indicating growth in the sector.

Abdullah Shezwai, head of engineering supervision at the Buildings Department, also highlighted the work being done by his section, pointing out the regular engineering inspections at all sites under construction.

“The electronic system of the engineering supervision section fixes the visit dates specified for each site based on the risk study carried out by the section and also by checking with the global best practices in the field,” he said.


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