Plans to build eco-friendly town in Bahrain revealed

Green town project will cover 356ha and will serve both urbanisation and greenery purposes

The Bahraini government has unveiled plans to build the kingdom’s first eco-friendly town.

The ‘green town’ project will include government houses, schools, a library, a theatre, a health centre, natural sanctuaries, a botanical garden and public parks in addition to luxurious villas and eco-friendly commercial and office buildings which will be built on private plots.

It will cover 356ha and will include parts of Biladal Qadeem, Khamis, Adhari, Salhiya, Tashan and Burhama. The blueprints of the project, which have been developed by the ministry of Municipalities and Urban Planning Affairs, also ensure the area will be utilised to serve both urbanisation and greenery, the ministry said.

“The green town will be as its name indicates green in the utmost way possible, keeping in mind that new developments, whether government or private, will be built on 30% of each individual plot while 70% will remain trees and greenery,” a spokesman for the ministry said.

“Our plans are eco-friendly and will ensure that the place remains protected from global warming and pollution, while at the same time enable urbanisation and modern development, that will strike the balance necessary to revive the area.”

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