Bahraini investor signs $63.6m deal to revamp Grand Muharraq Garden

Private investor signs 30 year deal with government to overhaul garden to cater to community, both commercially and socially

Bahraini private investor, Fouad Shuwaitar, has signed a 30-year agreement with the government to begin work on the overhaul of the ‘Grand Muharraq Garden’ to cater to the needs of the community, commercially and socially.

The $63.6m renovation plan will take three years and will include building an indoor ski slope that will be the kingdom’s first-full sized ice arena. The 111,000m2 project will include a large park, restaurants, a fitness club, an elderly centre, and family resting areas.

It will also feature a commercial complex on the side of the airport which will be leased to airlines, car rental companies and cargo providers, and will include a business centre, banks and insurance offices.

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