Tom Cartledge appointed as CEO at Benoy

Cartledge has played a key role in establishing Benoy Melbourne, and in diversifying Benoy’s portfolio in Canada and the US


UK architecture and design firm Benoy has announced it has appointed former global director for commercial and operations, Tom Cartledge, as the new CEO.

Cartledge has been with the company since 2013, and played a key role in establishing Benoy’s first on-ground presence in Australia with the opening of an office in Melbourne. He has also helped diversify the company’s portfolio with new projects in Canada and the USA.

“We are excited to announce and welcome Tom as the CEO of Benoy. Undoubtedly, Tom brings a new perspective to the business which complements our Global Board and together their focus lies on design and delivery. He has a passion for growing the company in terms of sectors, services and regions and is shaping a bright and energetic future for our global studios,” said Graham Cartledge CBE, chairman of Benoy.

“Benoy enjoys a great heritage and as we continue to innovate our business, Tom is dedicated to instigating and leading the ‘Second Curve’ of Benoy’s success. Along with the directorship across all studios, he will be instrumental in taking us forward into our next era of trading,” he added.

Tom Cartledge said: “I am proud, honoured and delighted to be appointed CEO of Benoy. It’s an incredibly exciting time to be leading a firm of innovative designers and creatives. We are witnessing the rapid evolution of global business with barriers to trade and investment disappearing, new building typologies emerging and consumer needs quickly reshaping our built environment; this has created a dynamic environment for our designers to showcase their talent at the forefront of the industry.”

“I firmly believe in collaboration and am convinced that, as a global team, we will achieve much, not only for Benoy, but also our clients and partners. Benoy will be 70 years old in 2017, and building upon our success, we are proactively and enthusiastically preparing for the next generation. It is my intention to build on what we have realised over the past seven decades and take Benoy forward under a united, shared vision.”


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