‘Supergroup’ formed by technology provider

Intention to “drive technology innovations”

Gehry Technology co-founder and chairman, Frank Gehry, has formed a ‘strategic alliance’ of designers and architects, with the aim of ‘transforming the building industry and practice of design’.

Composed of Gehry’s own ‘prominent architects and designer’ contacts, the ‘supergroup’ will also serve on Gehry Technologies’ board of advisors.

“The building industry has been slowly but steadily moving toward minimising individual responsibility and away from producing architecture that solves clients’ and communities’ problems,” said Frank Gehry.

“I am dedicated to giving architects better control of the process so they can deliver the fruits of their imagination, which is what our clients expect.

“I have gathered a group of my friends together who believe in this mission as much as I do and who can help me find the solutions that will ultimately lead to better buildings throughout the world,” he adds.

The alliance intends to enable new approaches to design through technology, to create more effective industry processes and a higher quality built environment.

By applying and innovating new technology solutions to old problems such as waste, delay, and miscommunication, this new alliance will lead the process change that the AEC industry needs to confront future challenges, according to the group, which is said to: “represent a new type of professional organisation for the 21st century. One which embraces the possibility of technology to empower design.”

The alliance will work together to drive technology innovations that support the central role of design in the creation of culture.


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