Samsung tests ‘transparent’ truck on Argentina roads

Monitors on back of truck display live feed of road ahead

PHOTO: The Samsung Safety Truck uses two front cameras and a software platform to capture and transmit a picture of the road ahead. Credit: Samsung

Overtaking a slow-moving truck on a single-lane highway can be a challenge, as it’s difficult to see around the vehicle, or get a picture of the road ahead.

Samsung believes it has a solution to this problem, and in Argentina is currently testing a ‘transparent’ truck which seeks to prevent road accidents resulting from overtaking.

The tech giant has developed the first Samsung Safety Truck in conjunction with Volvo Trucks Argentina. Other companies – namely ad agency Leo Burnett Argentina, Argentine tech firm Ingemática, and trailer engineering and construction company Helvetica SA – were also involved in the concept.

The Safety Truck uses two front cameras and a transportation software platform designed by Ingemática to capture and transmit a picture of the road ahead of the truck. This picture is transmitted to a display mounted on the back of the truck, composed of four Samsung monitors. This enables motorists to ‘see through’ the truck and make an informed driving decision.

The monitors, designed to be dust and waterproof, are said to be able to perform against tough environmental conditions, ensuring a clear picture at all times.

“Samsung is always looking for opportunities to apply technology to improve people’s lives,” said Sang Jik Lee, President of Samsung Electronics Argentina.

The company believes the new concept “will change the history of road safety,” he added.

The Samsung Safety Truck was officially launched at the Roberto José Mouras racing circuit at an event attended by media and business leaders. The truck will run on Argentinian roads for a year, the company said.

Valere Lourme, manager of marketing and communications at Volvo Trucks, noted that safety is a basic principle in any project undertaken by the Swedish manufacturer.

“Volvo Trucks Argentina wanted to participate in the Samsung Safety Truck project to further promote reflections on a more secure future for both the truck driver and everyone else.”

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