Qatar may house 2022 World Cup fans in ‘Bedouin-style tents’ – report

Concerns over the amount of accommodation available

PHOTO: Qatar is spending billions of dollars on infrastructure for the upcoming World Cup. Credit: Shutterstock

The Qatari organiser of the 2022 World Cup is considering housing football fans in “Bedouin-style tents”, Reuters reported.

The news comes amid concerns over the amount of accommodation available for the expected 500,000 visitors to Qatar for the tournament, the news agency reported.

Thousands could camp under canvas in desert areas close to stadiums, Reuters said.

“At the heart of this World Cup is a commitment to showcase the hospitality and friendship of the Middle East. As a result, we are actively researching the concept of supporters sleeping under the stars,” a spokesperson for Qatar’s World Cup Supreme Committee told Reuters.

“With six years to go, all options are still being explored but we are excited by the possibility of supporters enjoying a range of accommodations designed for all needs.”

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