Go Distribution introduces new ‘super’ sealant

Sealant system developed to repair and detect leaks

Go Distribution has introduced Superseal Total to reduce energy costs and carbon consumption in new buildings.

Designed to avoid replacement and maintenance work on HVAC systems, the product combines three technologies to prevent and repair refrigeration leaks, repair existing micro leaks and detect larger leaks.

“The combination of these three products delivers a four-in-one benefit of eliminating moisture, preventing the formation of acid, sealing micro leaks and helping find larger leaks,” GO Distribution managing director Gary Oborne said.

The patented technology can remain active for up to seven years to eliminate moisture and prevent further complications.

It has the ability to withstand 750 psi (5170kPa) internal pipe pressure.

Left unchecked these pinprick holes can leak refrigerant, push up energy bills and pollute the environment, according to the company, but micro leaks can be hard to find when pipelines are buried in a building’s structure.

Any leak too large to seal is marked with UV dye for easy detection.

“The products are invaluable . . . as governments crack down on building and atmospheric polluters and moves to curb energy wastage,” concluded Oborne.

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