6,078 contractors, 662 consultancies register with Dubai Municipality in Q1 2014

Events like Expo 2020 driving construction jobs market, says director of Dubai Municipality’s building department

The Municipality’s prequalification and building studies section undertook 1,440 field visits to check for conformance

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Dubai Municipality recently announced that 6,078 contractors and 662 engineering consultancies have registered with its building department till the end of the first quarter of the year 2014.

Khalid Muhammad Salih, director of Dubai Municipality’s building department said this number is higher than that of 2013 year-on-year, attributing this rise to the booming job market in the construction sector, driven by events such as the Expo 2020.

559 engineering technical staff submitted their names for qualification, out of which 421 were given approval. Six out of the total 662 engineering consultancy applicants, and 53 out of the 6,078 contractor applicants were upgraded after inspections to check for their conformity with approved technical and corporate standards, marking a 60% increase in this figure.

Abdulla Al-Shizawi, head of the prequalification and building studies section said 16 new local engineering consultancies had registered during the report period, and 431 local contractors received licenses during the term, marking a 100% increase in the figures in comparison to year-on-year 2013.

The building department has also witnessed a rise in the number of companies submitting application for qualifying technical staff, approving building systems and qualifying ready-mix factories. The committee for registration and licensing for engineering consultancies and contracting practices has categorised these applications after considering the nature and type of professions applied for.

The prequalification and building studies section undertook 1,440 field visits to ensure ‘they have followed approved standards and criteria set forth for registration and its renewal’, Al-Shizawi added.

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