E-building systems for engineering supervision mandated in Dubai from May 2014

Dubai Municipality migrates to online supervision application requests to ensure zero office visits

The circular mandating the application of e-building supervision systems in Dubai (source:

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E-building control systems have been made mandatory, commencing from 1st May 2014, in Dubai after all consultancies and general contracting companies operating in emirate were issued a circular to that effect by Dubai’s civic body.

The new move is a part of the Dubai Municipality’s efforts to migrate its services to smart and comprehensive systems that offer online engineering supervision services on construction work, making for zero office visits in the process. A handbook has been provided to offer ease of understanding and access to the new e-system for customers.

Eng. Khalid Mohammed Salih, director of the Municipality’s building department said his section will receive online applications through the new e-control system for processes such as structural checking services before concrete pouring, completion certifications, temporary water and electricity supply services, change of contractor, change of consultant and deposit refund of building.

Consultancy companies will have to ensure all technical criteria and specifications, engineering principles and plans approved by the Municipality are followed on the construction project. Consultancies will also have to undertake engineering supervision of all types of construction, such as new construction, addition, amendment, maintenance, decoration and so on, licensed by the civic body.

Salih added the delivery of other services mentioned above will be stopped through the existing system. Services relation to deposit refunds of old building licenses, which have completion certificates, will continue to be issued through the old system, he added. However, the Municipality will discontinue its structural checking services of any kind for industrial buildings.

The Municipality will continue its training programs for the new system and is prepared to receive online applications for training from newly licensed companies.

Find this circular from the Dubai Municipality here (Arabic). 

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