Besix launches 3D concrete printing studio in Dubai

Complete production chain on offer, from concept to printing and assembly, at ‘one-stop-shop’ solution

Belgian construction giant BESIX has launched a 3D concrete printing studio in Dubai, combining its engineering and construction capabilities with the expertise of construction materials specialist SIKA and international 3D printing designer Witteveen & Boss.

BESIX 3D is proposing a comprehensive production chain, from concept design, structural modelling and printing to assembly. It is also investing in several R&D programmes in partnership with universities to further develop the technology and materials, and to apply 3D concrete printing techniques to different environments, such as marine applications.

“The market is moving out of the innovation phase and [is rapidly] entering into the growth phase. BESIX 3D Studio has been set up to support the region in its vision to disrupt the traditional approach of construction by offering a one-stop-shop solution to each stakeholder,” said Jonas Vandeven, head of the BESIX 3D Division.

“The biggest advantage of 3D printing is the customisation of work on a large scale, making projects more aesthetically unique. In the digital world, 3D printing is the logical transition from software to reality,” said Benoit Meulewaeter, engineering manager, BESIX 3D.

BESIX 3D is currently working on a variety of projects for government and private companies.

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