Climate Wizard system is Gaia winner

A ‘natural’ cooling solution scooped Gold in the 2010 Gaia Awards

The Climate Wizard by Seeley International picked up the Gold award at the 2010 Gaia Awards for sustainability.

The system uses evaporation to reduce air temperature with a full counter-flow water-toair heat exchanger, which produces cold air. Because the water and air never come into contact, no added moisture is required.

“We believe that you can deliver superior cooling performance without sacrificing energy efficiency, and Climate Wizard proves this. Climate Wizard is an innovation revolution and is already starting to change the way the world looks at air conditioning,” said company founder and chair Frank Seeley.

According to the company, the benefits of using evaporative coolers include a 90% saving on running costs and systems, which use no harmful refrigerants. Seeley has been operating since 1972 and supplies units in 70 countries.

The award was announced ahead of The Big 5. The Gaia Awards, now in their third year, also included four silver and six bronze accolades, with a further 13 companies recognised as finalists. Some of the products included waterless urinals, silk plaster and energy-recovery ventilators.

The awards are sponsored by the Portuguese Cork Association.

“The standard of entries was outstanding and congratulations to all companies who made the winners’ list this year. As the importance of environmental responsibility continues to increase across the international construction industry, the technologies and innovations that are being put forward for Gaia Awards become further advanced and it has been fantastic to see the commitment to the environment from so many companies,” said DMG Events senior vice president Simon Mellor.

“The Big 5 will provide a showcase to help raise the profile of the winning green solutions and we know from previous Gaia winners that the awards can make a real difference to their business,” he added.

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