Dubai Taxi Corp in deal with 7 schools to transport 2500 students

Taxi firm, part of the Roads and Transport Authority, is to transport students on 111 new buses

PHOTO: The new buses have been fitted with CCTV cameras to ensure the safety of students onboard. Credit: Shutterstock

The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) has signed deals with seven schools to transport about 2,500 students on 111 newly designed buses over the 2015-16 academic year.

The seven schools are the German School, St Mary, Dar Al Marefa, Dubai Modern Education, Hartland International, Al Ittihad Al Mamzar, and Al Ittihad Jumeirah Schools, said the company, which is part of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

“Following intensive media campaigns and field visits to schools in the emirate, 35 schools expressed interest in signing up for the RTA school transport service,” said Ahmed Al Suwaidi, CEO of Dubai Taxi Corporation.

The new buses have been fitted with CCTV cameras for the safety of students, and the body of each bus has been rendered stronger to protect it from collisions. Moreover, an SMS service will be in place to notify parents about the safe arrival of their children. Each bus will also be fitted with tracking systems using GIS technology, as well as a Wi-Fi service for interested schools.

The specifications of the school buses include a hydraulic suspension system for the convenience of disabled students using wheelchairs. This will make it easy to adjust the bus door and level it with the floor to facilitate boarding and alighting, Al Suwaidi noted.

“A remote system for control and monitoring will also be operational through the Control Center at the Fleet Operations Department at the DTC,” he added.

According to Abdullah Al Meer, Director of Business Development at the DTC, work is in progress to promote the new service in the schools.

“The RTA is planning to maintain a 10% annual growth of its market share up to 2024 through live demonstrations and site tours to private schools in the emirate. For this purpose, it will be coordinating with various internal bodies at the DTC and concerned parties in the RTA towards intensifying media campaigns about the school transport service.”

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