680km road linking Oman and Saudi Arabia set to open in October

About 130 million cubic meters of sand was shifted as part of the project

PHOTO: The road will go through the Empty Quarter desert. Credit: Al Rosan Contracting.

The first road linking Oman and Saudi Arabia via the Empty Quarter is set to open next month, Gulf News reported.

The contract to build the 680km long road was given to the Saudi-based Al Rosan Contracting in 2010. The road has cost Oman $517 million to build its 160 kilometer stretch in two years, while Saudi Arabia spent around $266 million to construct its 566km stretch in four years, it was reported.

In Oman, the road starts from the Tanam area of Ibri province and passes through oilfields until it reaches the Oman-Saudi border in the Empty Quarter. In Saudi Arabia, a 319km stretch will link Haradh-Batha road with the Al Shiba oilfield, and 247km of road will link Al Shiba and to the Omani border.

The new road reduces the distance to Saudi Arabia by more than 500 kilometers from nearly 2,000 kilometers previously via the UAE.

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