Dubai labourer dies in fight

Trial adjourned as defendants plead not guilty

A brawl on a construction site led to a worker dying after his head smashed into an iron bar.

Dubai Court of First Instance heard how the Indian labourer died following the fight on the site in Bur Dubai, according to reports in Dubai daily newspaper 7Days, last month.

A 21-year-old Indian man went on trial charged with assault leading to death.

The court heard how a fight broke out in July and the defendant allegedly pushed the victim who then hit his head on the bar.

A policeman who attended the scene said: “We found the victim on the ground bleeding from his mouth. We asked two workers what had happened.

They said they didn’t know and claimed they found him that way.

“After investigation we then discovered that one of the men at the scene had fought with the victim and then pushed him.”

Medical reports showed that the victim died from internal bleeding.

Two other Indian men also appeared in court in connection with the case. One man was charged with failing to inform police of the incident and the other for giving false information.

The defendants all pleaded not guilty and the trial was adjourned until later in December, according to the newspaper report.

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