Industry job opportunities increase in Middle East

UAE remains top destination for construction companies, according to survey

The demand for asset, property and facilities managers has increased since last year, driven by a “continued confidence” in the regional industry.

The observations were made by recruitment agency MacDonald and Co in an interview with The Big Project.

The company also said online job postings had increased since 2009, noting a higher-than-average demand for employees with financial skills. Director Ben Waddilove said he expected the trends to continue as companies in Dubai benefitted from opportunities in Qatar.

“The World Cup has certainly helped and a lot of people in Qatar said it could be good for Dubai too,” he said.

According to the Qatari Embassy, 200 new construction projects will be announced during the first quarter of 2011.

Waddilove also credits “other fundamentals” for ensuring the UAE remained a top destination for construction companies and their expatriate workforce.

These include oil prices, political stability and favourable business conditions, in addition to improved utility services.

“People still have confidence in the region and that is for tax purposes, quality of life and different pushes and pulls from different regions, such as the UK and Europe,” he concluded.

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